RISK Strategy Companion App Reviews

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I have an iPod 4g and I cant open it. It keeps crashing before I do.

Cant play

I can never find a game it just says searching

It doesnt work

I dont have the option play or start its just private policy, help and tips and search for game... I cant play.

You should add

You should make it so you can play with a computer or play with anyone in the world.

App doesnt work well

I liked the older risk app. I cannot find any games on this app

You need a computer with this game installed.

This companion app is a nice little add on to this game, it lets you do under the table negotiations, check stats and check your cards even when it isnt your turn. The people who are complaining that the search never yields results are correct. Because unless you have a computer nearby with the app installed and a game going, YOU ARE NOT going to find a game. Im not sure how this is a confusing matter for people. If you want to use this app, get the game on your computer. Anyways, its a very handy little tool, thank you marmalade for making it.

Cant do single player

Risk is not very popular in the first place, so finding some but the game will be very difficult. You should at least let the gamers play against computers so that we can actually have some sort of fun with this. downloaded and immediately deleted. sorry please fix this

Dose anyone play this game..?

Dose anyone play this game...?..


Anybody that said it wont load it works fine on my I pad and you can play against a computer so if you have no friends you can still play.

I am somewhat confused on the app but the board game still gets credit

When people say that you can play vs the computer I dunno how, there is no button for it, could just be because I have it on my phone and not iPad but all it says are "help" "search for nearby games" (which means you can play with people on your wifi) and "strategy tips" so I cant really play at all whatsoever unless I play with some one on my wifi. I recommend rise wars if you want a game just like risk but on a device, rise wars is the exact same thing, trust me


I cant play a game cuz no single player

Cant play games

Whats the point of an app if it doesnt work


I cannot play!! Man I wish there was ai!!

Worst app ever

There is no way to play it if there is no one near you.

What a waste !

There is no game to find ! No people to play or computer to play against/ what a waste.


I love how all this game does is crash

Wont even start

It doesnt even start up on my Ipod 4th gen. ios 6.1 I did all the stuff that would make it work. I deleted it and re-applied it back on. Tried to shut off my Ipod completely and turn it back on but still nothing. I report a problem.


I would give no stars but thats not an option. It takes forever to download and then it doesnt even let you play

Not good

No single player... Plz Fix!!

Piece of Junk

Doesnt work.

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